Soft, Sharp, and Tender (paperback)

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Soft, Sharp, and Tender (paperback)

TC Mill
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Three books of erotic short fiction in one -

If You Were My Lover
For fans of:
F/F, F/M, F/M/M, M/M, some stories where you can choose how to interpret a character's gender, and a story whose narrator is deciding how to interpret their own gender.
Steampunk, science fiction, historical, and contemporary settings.
Scent and sensation; language and bodies; religion, philosophy, and Shakespeare

Tender Things
A baker's dozen of stories about women who like to command, take what they want, and leave marks on their lucky, eager partners. Just what you want if you're a fan of femdom, submissive men, romance or pure smutty delight.
Contents include: wrestling, pegging, bondage (including a science fiction exploration of zero-g bondage), light sadism, slapping, frottage, ice and sensory play, and as a bonus, an instance of topping from the bottom.

The Season
From the sweet to the sharp, and always sexy, these erotic stories aren't for the faint of heart, but are perfect for fans of ghost hitchikers, menage, masks, desperate passion, lost Carcosa, dominant women, a little knifeplay, and some bondage for a magical reason. Stories include F/M, M/M, and F/F/M.

I want this!

~175-page paperback (final pagecount tbd)

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